Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Giant Slides and the Wild Sea

Here's the giant slide at the Plopsa Indoor park before all the backdrops were installed...

And here's the slide on opening night with a view of the Plopsa Indoor theater.
Below is the main hall with just the frames of the carousels during the construction phase.
And here's how the indoor theme park looked on opening night. The ShowLED starcloth backdrops 
cover the entire wall to create a starry sky and a magical atmosphere above the charming townhouses!
This is "De Woeste Zee "or The Wild Sea attraction during the ride's construction in April 2010.
And here's the ShowTex printed backdrop adding the finishing touches to the ride on opening night.
The Pirate Roller Coaster Ride started out simple
 But now it's the perfect mixture of thrills and fun with a realistic rocky decor and illustrated backdrop
The curtain tracks to hang the illustrated backdrops were installed before the waterfall and roller coaster were in place. Then, after construction, the giant backdrop was inserted in between. It's a good thing fabrics are so flexible!

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